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Polk Regional Water Conservation Team – Programs

Polk Regional Water Conservation Team consisting of City of Haines City, Polk County Utilities, City of Lakeland, City of Winter Haven,  Town of Dundee, City of Auburndale, City of Lake Hamilton, City of Lake Alfred and City of Polk City.  These municipalities have entered into a cost sharing Water Conservation Program with the Southwest Water Management District (SWFWMD) to impact Water Conservation throughout Polk County.  The programs listed below can be applied for through your local water utility. All programs require an application and approval from the Utility to qualify.

Indoor – Water Conservation Programs

WaterSense Toilet Rebate Program

Replace any 3.5 gpf or higher toilet with a WaterSense 1.28 gpf toilet. Up to a max of (2) toilets per Single Family, Multi-Family/Apt., or Commercial Property. The City of Haines City will rebate up to $75.00 per toilet. Program restrictions apply.

Toilet Rebate Application

WaterSense Toilet with Installation Program: Voucher Program

Replace any toilet 3.5 gpf or higher with a WaterSense 1.28 gpf toilet. This program includes the installation cost of the toilet. Toilets have to be installed by a Licensed Plumber or a General Contractor to be eligible for this program. This program is boundary restricted and the customer must live in the approved boundaries.  A maximum of (2) toilets per Single Family, Multi-Family/Apt., customer may receive a voucher up to $400.00 per toilet. Contact your water utility for more information on this project. Program restrictions apply.

Toilet Voucher Application

Toilet+ Installation Payment Voucher

Water Conservation Kits: Free Program

The Water Conservation Kit consists of (1) Shower Head, (1) Kitchen Faucet Aerator, (2) Bathroom Sink Aerators and (2) Toilet Leak Detection Dye Tablets Packets.  Free to Single Family, Multi-Family/Apt, Commercial Properties.

Water Conservation Kit Application

Outdoor – Water Conservation Programs

Florida Friendly Landscaping: Rebate Program

Retrofit high volume irrigation landscapes into Florida Friendly Landscapes. A minimum of 250 sq. ft. must be converted to micro irrigation, no irrigation or a combination of the two. This program is available to Single Family, Multi-Family/Apt., Commercial Properties and HOA’s Common areas. The customer will be responsible for a 37.5% of the total cost and the utility will rebate up to a maximum of $2,500.00 dollars. Please check with your water utility. A cost per sq. ft. restriction applies.

Florida Friendly Landscaping Rebate Application

Landscape Evaluation Program: Free Program

This program offers a free irrigation and landscape evaluation. The contractor comes out to your property and evaluates the landscape and irrigation and makes recommendations on changes that can use less water and save money.  This program will work real well with the Florida Friendly Landscape Program which will help pay for a portion of the changes.

Landscape-and-Irrigation-Evaluation Application

Smart Irrigation Controllers: Rebate program

A WaterSense Smart Irrigation Controller will adapt to local weather and water with precision.  This program is available to Single Family, Multi Family/Apt., Commercial Properties. The Customer will be responsible for 37.5% of the total cost of the Smart Controller purchase, the water utility will rebate up to a maximum of $250.00 dollars.

Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate Application

Wireless Rain Sensor: Free Program

Wireless Rain Sensors are designed to interrupt automatic irrigation system controllers when a specific amount of rainfall has occurred. To apply the customer must have an automatic irrigation system controller to qualify for the program.  Wireless Rain Sensors are free to Single Family, Multi-Family/Apt., Commercial Properties and to HOA’s Common Areas.

Wireless Rain Sensor Applicaton

Other Water Conservation Programs Available

Florida Star Builder’s Rebate: Rebate Program

The home must be Florida Water Star (FWS) certified by a trained FWS Certifier.  Home plans must include a permanent in-ground irrigation system with water purchased from a utility within Polk County’s political boundaries. Rebates are available for the first 500 homes to achieve FWS Certification; $700.00 rebate. For further information contact Mary Hayes at 863-421-3695 or mhayes@hainescity.com.

Florida Water Star Rebate Program