The following is a list of corporations, associations, groups, firms, or persons affiliated with the City of Haines City that are a registered lobbyists with the State of Florida.

  • Adobe System, Inc. (Vendor)
  • American Traffic Solutions, Inc. (Vendor)
  • Bright House Networks (Vendor)
  • Bryant Miller Olive PA (Vendor)
  • Dell, Inc. (Vendor)
  • Florida Police Benevolent Association, Inc (Association)
  • Florida Professional Firefighters (Association)
  • Florida League of Cities (Association)
  • Florida Library Association, Inc. (Association)
  • McAfee, Inc. (Vendor)
  • Microsoft Corporation (Vendor)
  • Polk County Sheriff’s Office (Local Government Agency)
  • Polk County Public Schools (Local Government Agency)
  • Duke Energy Corporation (Franchise Agreement)
  • Republic Services of Florida (Franchise Agreement)
  • United Healthcare Services, Inc. (Vendor)
  • Verizon (Vendor)

To view the lobbying entity’s registration information, visit http://www.leg.state.fl.us/Lobbyist/