Lake Eva – Lake Henry Restoration Feasibility Study



The project is located within the Peace Creek watershed in Polk County, Florida. This project will include an evaluation of potential improvements identified in the Peace Creek Canal watershed work and concepts developed by the project team to implement feasible solutions to achieve the project objectives.

The project objectives are:

1) Address Lake Eva Minimum Flow and Level (MFL) and SWFWMD guidance levels;

2) Improve water quality in Lake Eva;

3) Improve flood protection within Lake Henry, while protecting water recreation opportunities;

4) Improve groundwater recharge and potentially obtain water supply credits from SWFWMD; and

5) Natural systems enhancement/improvement.

Lake Eva and Lake Henry Study Area

LE LH Topo 11 x 17

LE-LH-Study-Area-11 x 17

Upcoming Event

Public Forum

October 11, 2017; 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Lake Eva Event Center; 799 Johns Ave, Haines City, FL

LH LE Feasability Study Flyer spanish

LH LE Feasability Study Flyer


Sites of interest

South West Florida Water Management District


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