It is the mission of the Haines City Code Compliance Division to promote the health, safety and welfare of City Residents, Business and Property Owners by mitigating physical signs of urban blight through the enforcement of the City codes.

Code Compliance Staff also serves as liaison to the:

  • Special Magistrate

Each of these boards play an integral role in achieving the goals set forth by the City Commission.

Code Compliance Division has moved! The Code Compliance Division has moved to the Haines City Police Department and is now located at 35400 U.S. Highway 27, Haines City, FL . For additional information, please call the Code Compliance Office at (863) 421-9937.

Code Compliance Division
35400 U.S. Highway 27
Haines City, FL 33844
Phone: 863-421-9937
Fax: 863-354-6619


Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Did You Know?

  • The three most common violations are: Weeds, Exterior Property Sanitation and Motor Vehicles
  • A permit is required for but now limited to: Structural Repairs, Re-roofing, Most Plumbing & Electrical, A swimming pool that can hold 24 inches of water or more, Any business located within the City Limits requires a City and a Polk County Tax Receipt
  • A setback is a required amount of distance between the property line and where items may be located, (e.g. sheds, RV’s, boats, etc.).  Setbacks vary according to the particular zoning and location of the property.
  • Code Compliance Officers routinely attend neighborhood association meetings to review and explain code requirements. Please contact the Code Compliance Office at 863-421-9937 to arrange for a Code Compliance Officer to attend your next meeting or event.

Common Code Violations

  • High Weeds & Grass: Tall weeds and grass over 12 inches in height is a violation and considered a public nuisance
  • Structure Maintenance: The following items shall be maintained in weather-tight, rodent proof, sound condition and in good repair: Wood, Siding, Shingles, Roof covering, Railings, Walls, Ceilings, Porches, Doors, Windows, Screens, Interior walls, Ceilings, Floors, Hardware 
  • Exterior Property Sanitation: As a property owner it is your responsibility to maintain the exterior of your property in a clean, safe and sanitary condition. Items that may not be kept or stored on the exterior of the property include but are not limited to: Trash, Junk & Debris, Tires, Building Materials, Indoor Furniture, Household Appliances, Auto parts
  • Fences: Fences must be maintained in the same condition as when originally erected. When replacing a fence or installing a new one, a permit must be obtained
  • Unlawful Animals: It is unlawful to keep the following animals within City limits: Chickens, Ducks, Guineas, Quail, Pigeons, Partridges, Pheasants, Pigs, Goats, Sheep, Horses, Cows, Cattle, and Any tamed or captive wild animal or reptile
  • Inoperable Vehicles: It is unlawful to keep an inoperable or unlicensed vehicle(s) parked or stored on any premises. Any vehicle in a state of: Major disassembly, Major disrepair or being stripped or dismantled. Painting of vehicles is prohibited (unless conducted inside an approved spray booth). 

To report a Code Violation or for more information, please contact the Code Compliance Division at 863-421-9937 or send us an email at

Disclaimer: According to Florida Public Records Law, email correspondence to and from the City of Haines City, including email addresses and other personal information, is public record and must be made available to the public and media upon request, unless otherwise exempt by the Public Records Law. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.