The Building Division is responsible by Florida Statutes for building plan review and building inspections within Haines City. The plan review and inspection functions include all commercial and residential construction plan reviews, inspections of these structures while under construction, and the tracking and permitting of the construction process.

The Building Division may also disseminate building code information and ADA Standards. In addition, the Building Division oversees the local Business Tax Receipt program for Haines City.



Building Division
620 E. Main Street
Haines City, FL 33844
Phone: 863-419-3229
Fax: 863-419-3168


Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Contractor Requirements

Any current state licensed contractor may obtain a building permit in Haines City. Certified contractors must be licensed by the State of Florida and registered contractors must be licensed by the Municipal Board of Examiners of Polk County. Contractors must register with the Haines City Building Division before being issued a building permit. Required registration documents include a copy of state or local license, proof of worker’s compensation or worker’s compensation exemption, and liability insurance. There is no fee for registration.


To check the status of a submitted permit or to find inspection results of a permit, please use the Contractor Portal. Inspections may also be requested through the portal. To schedule an inspection the Contractor Web Code number will be required.

Business Tax Receipts

The Building Division issues Business Tax Receipts to those having a commercial and/or residential business within the city limits of Haines City.

Prior to applying and paying for a Business Tax Receipt, it should be determined if the business meets the Haines City zoning requirement for that location and if any Federal and/or State certification or inspections are required. If the business name will be different than your legal name, it is required that the business name is registered with the Florida Division of Corporations and provide proof that the registration is active.


Home businesses are also required to provide proof of residency at the location where the business will be operating.